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Limited Edition Watercolor Collection

**These will not be returning so get them while they're available!**


  • Duo Onbuhimo is One size 7lbs to 45lbs
  • Duo 2 Full Buckle is 7lbs to 45lbs
  • Duo 3 Full Buckle fits best starting at approx 2mo to 65lbs
  • Big Kid Onbuhimo and Full Buckle Starts to fit best at 4t / 45lbs up to 65lbs


✓ Newborn Ready with Infant Cinch (except Big Kid)

✓ Adjustable Straps allow a perfect fit

✓ Versatile Carries including Front Carry, Forward Facing, Back Carry, Hip Carry & Tandem

✓ Tandem Compatible

✓ Water Friendly

Mer = everyday carrier that can go in water! Soft swim nylon and soft board short material plus some special foam, allow these carriers to be worn wet or dry. Swim material is light and breathable just like your swimsuits!

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