Duo Onbuhimo

Duo Onbuhimo: ergonomic carrier inspired by the traditional Japanese Onbuhimo with no waistband.
Duo Tandem Compatible: 
with our Duo Full Buckle carrier! This carrier includes everything you need to wear a singleton and is equipped with the removable shoulder straps so that you can easily clip the Duo Onbuhimo panel into the Duo Full Buckle. This carrier is 1/2 the Duo system.

Carry Modes: Front, Hip, Back, World Facing
Newborn Ready Infant Cinch: 
adjustable from the outer panel for easy on the go sizing transitions from growth spurts to switching kids
Perfect Fit Adjusters: adjustable buckle that shortens the shoulder straps length. Pending when you use these it can be for switching carriers between caregivers, breastfeeding and the ultimate positioner for your comfort.
Adjustable Chest Clip: the ability to move your chest clip into a custom position can save you from discomfort.
Ability to Criss Cross Shoulder Straps: redistribute the weight across your torso for maximum comfort or shorten the shoulder straps even more for extra petite wearers.