BLM Floral - Mer Big Kid Onbuhimo

BLM Floral - Mer Big Kid Onbuhimo

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Support Black lives by wearing this carrier loudly and proudly. With a bright and vibrant pattern, this carrier ensures that the message is loud and clear. Decolonize your Babywearing practice by carrying your babe close.
All profits for this carrier will be donated to the Bail Project.
"The Bail Project combats mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system—one person at a time.
We restore the presumption of innocence, reunite families, and challenge a system that criminalizes race and poverty. We’re on a mission to end cash bail and create a more just, equitable, and humane pretrial system."


Sleek feeling and easy clean, the Mer Big Kid Onbuhimo is your everyday larger child carrier with the bonus of being water wear friendly.

  • Large, child size for preschool through elementary (3 - 10y; 35 - 65lbs; 40" - 59”)
  • Carry Modes: Front and Back
  • Lightweight, moisture wicking, quick drying, sun protective fabrics
  • No Waistband for higher back carries and traps less heat

Key Features: Reverse Perfect Fit Adjusters, Adjustable Chest Clip, Ability to Criss Cross Shoulder Straps and Singleton Use.

**Print Placement May Vary**No Hoods Per Safety and Suffocation Risk in Water**
Materials: printed Sport Lycra (outer print) and ultra soft polyester micro suede (aka boardshorts)

Big Kid Onbuhimo: ergonomic carrier inspired by the traditional Japanese Onbuhimo carrier with no waistband in a large size for older children.