Custom Round 21 Timeline

Turnaround Time Estimate is June 2023
Customs have a 15 week ETA for shipping from close of customs.

Forms must be submitted no later than 11:00pm PST on March 28th**

* If you DO NOT submit your form by 11:00 pm PST your custom print WILL NOT BE ORDERED

🐼 Custom Mer Design Form

🐼 Custom Linen Design Form

🐼 Custom Butter Design Form

  • Step 1

    Select & Pay for your Carrier(s)

    Decide which carrier fabric and type you'd like for your custom(s) and checkout.

    • Each carrier must be ordered through the listing. This includes the second to match your duo and any doll carriers.

    Round 21 is offering Mer and Linen in the following:

    🐼 Custom Duo Onbuhimos*

    🐼 Custom Big Kid Onbuhimos

    🐼 Custom Duo Full Buckles*

    🐼 Custom Doll Carriers**


    🐼 Custom Butter Carriers

    Custom orders cannod be cancelled, returned or exchanged. Please reference our cancellation policy in Shipping & Returns

    *If you want the second carrier to complete your duo you will need to order that. There is no guarantee that an extra will be made in your print. If you want a duo, order it to be sure it is made and is the size you want.

    **If you want a Matching Doll Carrier you will need to add that to your order throught the listing. Extra Doll Carriers will not be made.

  • Step 2

    Choose your Design

    All prints come from Spoonflower.

    Prints need to be available in:

    🐼 Linen Canvas for Linen

    🐼 Sports Lycra for Mer

    🐼 Velvet for Butter
    Your Custom will consist of:

    • Outer fabric - your chosen print.
    • Inner fabric - solid linen or board short (linen or mer) material of your choosing.
    • Webbing - of your choosing.


    Print placement and orientation is not guaranteed. While we do our best to match them to the Spoonflower listing with "bulk" orders as customs are each carrier is not individually cut. This type of custom order would create a much higher cost and this is what allows us to keep them close to "ready to ship" costs.

    Visit Spoonflower 
  • Step 3

    Submit your Forms!

    >> Deadline: March 28th by 11:00pm PST <<


    The sooner you submit your Custom Design Form, the sooner your carrier will be made and delivered!

    🐼 Custom Mer Design Form

    🐼 Custom Linen Design Form

    🐼 Custom Butter Design Form

    Forms not completed by the deadline WILL NOT be ordered.

    Your form with your print link and all other details MUST be submitted to HQ no later than 11:00pm PST on March 28th

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