Collection: Duo Onbuhimos


Duo = tandem compatible with our Duo Full Buckle carrier! This carrier includes everything you need to wear a singleton and is equipped with the removable shoulder straps so that you can easily clip the Duo Onbuhimo panel into the Duo Full Buckle. This carrier is 1/2 the Duo system and to tandem baby wear you would need to purchase the Duo Full Buckle.

Mer = everyday carrier that can go in water! Soft swim nylon and soft board short material plus some special foam, allow these carriers to be worn wet or dry. Swim material is light and breathable just like your swimsuits!

Linen = good for everyday, not water compatible

  • Infant Cinch

    Comes with an Infant Cinch, adjustable as baby grows (up to 45lbs)

  • One Size

    Generous strap lengths ensure comfort for all body types

  • Versatile

    Front Carry, Back Carry, Off Center Hip Carry & Forward Face

  • Tandem Ready

    Clips onto the Full Buckle for Tandem use. Also allows to cross shoulder straps when used by itself.

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